In Defense of Our Friend

Kenan Heppe: funny, ambitious, eccentric, and decently smart. We are three people. Some of us know him, one more than the others, and we have created this page in response to a girl who is being super ridiculous.

Last year he met a girl, who for now will remain nameless (however, if she continues to post inflammatory information, then her name will become publicly blasted!!). He spent one day with her. She wanted a relationship with Kenan, and he said he wasn’t attracted to her that way. Kenan, at that point, cut off the discussion. She kept texting him, calling him, begging him for a chance…but he felt it wouldn’t go anywhere. She has then proceeded to call him a player, a douchebag, an idiot, a talentless actor, etc. It’s all pretty bad stuff. It can all be seen here @ Crazy Girl Rant!

She begins with extremely broken logic. She states (and we have to paraphrase because her English is so poor) that if person A claims person B is stalking him/her, then person A has done something wrong. LOL.  Let us reiterate: She says that if Person A claims person B is crazy or stalking, then person A must have done something wrong. This is actually a common psychological issue known as projection. While it is TRUE that in some cases Person A could have done something wrong, it’s by NO means a certainty. She completely leaves out the possibility that she actually IS stalking him, actually IS crazy…Oh..she also stated other things about him. Interesting, because…

A dumb guy can’t write this: Chemistry Thesis

A talentless guy can’t do this: Blindfolded Hula-Hooping Classical Piano Playing?!

A guy who can’t act can’t get represented by Stein Entertainment Group and Venture IAB (two powerful groups). And he’s only been at it for a year….give him some time, crazy!

Safe to say, the police have been contacted at least once already. Websites have been notified. But she continues to post random, broken-english rants about Kenan every once in a while, as well as contacting him from strange numbers and leaving really weird diatribes of nonsense.

It doesn’t take much to realize that whoever made this hate-page is mentally unstable, and is also really horrible with the English language. For instance, aside the false claims already debunked above, the main theme of her rant is that Kenan is a “Disguised Player,” yet this is also patently absurd. First of all, Kenan isn’t ashamed of meeting people. So, there’s no “disguise.” Secondly, he surely didn’t “play” this girl…obviously since he told her a flat out NO after one hang out. Is he a player? He meets a ton of people. He isn’t shy. But he’s very choosy. Strangely choosy, actually.

Case In Point: Don’t trust nonsensical rants from a girl whose only real issue with Kenan is a broken heart. What should you trust? The facts! Google Kenan. Read up his history. Watch his video clips. Read articles that have been written about him. Watch him in a show. Talk to him yourself! Girl, we’re sorry it didn’t work out for you! But, he let you off quickly, and therefore saved you a lot of time.

Therefore, the opposition has adequately proven that Kenan isn’t dumb. He isn’t talentless. He has acting ability. He isn’t a douchebag. He isn’t a “player” and he didn’t “play,” you. And let us be clear: Kenan has stated that if she continues to post inflammatory information, then on top of us blasting out her name publicly, Los Angeles Police Department will be contacted by him regarding a restraining order, and other legal means will be pursued.



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